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Anthony Hopkins does not talk to his daughter - 'I don't care one way or the other'

READ MORE: Gary Lineker sends heartfelt message to his ex-wife Danielle Bux amid marriage splitHe was diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome late in life, and adults with the syndrome can find themselves with more relationship difficulties than the average person. Of the few things Hopkins has said about his first relationship has been: "I guess I am selfish. I have not been a good husband or father.

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'She guides me' Gary Lineker admits he still gets advice from his ex-wife Danielle
Gary Lineker has said that he still follows fashion tips given by his ex-wife Danielle Lineker, seven years after the pair called it quits.The former professional footballer married Danielle back in 2009 before announcing their split in 2016. But even though they've gone their separate ways, Gary insists that he still shares close ties to the model, who has gone from being his partner to becoming his styling consultant and close pal."I still get fashion advice from my ex-wife," the 61-year-old wrote in a new piece for The Times today. "I've never been particularly flamboyant or edgy. "I've always been kind of safe, but luckily my second wife, Danielle Bux, is very stylish and even now she guides me."The Match of the Day star continued: "I definitely like another opinion and she'll do that for me. "I'm getting better, although maybe I'll look back in 20 years and think, 'No, I wasn't.'"Back in September 2019, Gary went into detail about the friendship he and Danielle have developed since ending their relationship.The ex-athlete said he's remained on such close terms with his former flame that they still spoke up to "three times a day". "Danielle and I are best mates; we still speak three times a day, we text all the time," he revealed.Shortly after their breakup, Danielle started a new life out in sunny Los Angeles while Gary stayed back in London. She fell in love with American lawyer Nate Greenwald, whom she went on to marry in 2018.The pair welcomed their baby girl Romy Wren Greenwald to the world in August 2017.Gary inserted that despite all, he and Danielle are still the best of friends, adding that whenever she's in London, he welcomes her to stay at his pad and vice versa."When she comes to London she stays with