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Paisley woman shares impact of horror assault at school gates which has left her terrified to go out

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A Paisley mum has told how a savage beating by a fellow parent at the school gates left her feeling suicidal.Irene Baillie, from Glenburn, was left with multiple puncture wounds on her face and head, as well as a black eye after Daria Hogg launched the vile attack on her outside St Peter’s Primary School.The vile woman was convicted of raining blows down on Irene at Paisley Sheriff Court, following 14 months of hell which Irene said made her consider “ending it all”.The 47-year-old took to social media to share an emotional statement following the conviction, and told how the horrific incident has impacted her family.The mum-of-four, who has undergone two open heart surgeries and previously suffered a cardiac arrest, told how her eight-year-old son is receiving counselling following the traumatic incident and that she has been left so terrified she can barely leave the house.She posted: “My life has completely changed from that morning.“I am on prescribed medication for my anxiety, I have had counselling, hardly venture outdoors and when I do I need someone with me, my husband now has to collect my son from school in the afternoon as I don’t feel safe when I am up there.Don't miss the latest headlines from around Renfrewshire.

Sign up to our newsletters here.“My freedom has been snatched away from me because of this person.“There were times I thought about ending it all but realised I am stronger than I think and now I can have a fresh start and enjoy life as after all I am the victim here, I have done nothing wrong.”Irene had been waiting to pick her son up from school on the afternoon of November 20, 2020 when Hogg, 30, attacked her while she was sitting in her car.Her daughter who had just given birth weeks before was

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