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Nick Jonas

Nicholas Jerry Jonas (born September 16, 1992) is an American singer, songwriter and actor. Jonas began acting in theater at the age of seven, and released his debut single in 2002 which caught the attention of Columbia Records where Jonas formed a band with his older brothers, Joe and Kevin, known as the Jonas Brothers. The group released their debut studio album It's About Time through the Columbia label in 2006.

After leaving Columbia Records and signing with Hollywood Records, the group released their self-titled second studio album in 2007, which became their breakthrough record.

The band became prominent figures on the Disney Channel during this time, gaining a large following through the network and they appeared in the widely successful musical television film Camp Rock (2008) and its sequel Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam (2010) as well as two of their own series, Jonas Brothers: Living the Dream (2008–2010) and Jonas (2009–2010).

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Northern Lights in Scotland: 8 of the best places to see the Aurora Borealis

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With its stunning hues of green, purple, pink, and red, the Northern Lights can be often seen lighting up the sky over Scotland during autumn and winter.

One of the most spectacles to be seen anywhere in the world, many people don't know that Scotland is one of the few locations in the northern hemisphere that can rival places like Scandinavia and Canada for seeing them.Heading north to the Highlands, the islands and even sometimes further south in the central belt, will give you ample opportunity to spot the Aurora Borealis - one of nature's most magical displays at certain times of the year.

Normally, between late September and late March (ideally December and January) is the best time to look for the Mirrie Dancers - though be sure to stay up until the wee small hours to get the clearest view and you can consult specialist aurora forecast websites such as AuroraWatch UK.The best time is between 10pm and midnight, depending on cloud cover.Taking their name from Aurora (the Roman goddess of dawn) and Boreas (the Greek name for north wind), here are some of the best places in Scotland to spot the Northern Lights.Though it pays to be patient, as they may appear for long durations up to an hour and sometimes only for a few minutes, either way, they are worth the wait.As well as being home to some of the country's most beautiful beaches, the Outer Hebridean islands of Harris and Lewis offer unrivalled views of this stunning light show from most parts of the islands on a clear night.The most northerly parts of the country are the most obvious place to go to see the northern lights.Both the Orkney and Shetland isles have remote areas that will be perfect for viewing them but stay away from populated areas like Lerwick and

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A Place in the Sun's Lee Juggurnauth speaks out on 'close-minded' buyers
A Place in the Sun in 2021, and has been a staple on the show since he joined in early 2021.Speaking exclusively to, Lee has revealed what he finds annoying with some buyers.Lee admitted that he rarely gets annoyed but if he does it's because of "close-minded buyers".The TV star said: "I think I did an episode where every single house we showed them which technically on paper and in reality was everything that they asked for and more and they just couldn’t see the positive in anything."So I think that's the only challenging thing."I’m quite an optimistic person when it comes to looking at properties and seeing the potential because I can walk into a place and it can just be a blank canvas and I can see what can be done."Lee continued: "But I think when people, I mean it’s only happened once but they can literally not see, which is fine."But it’s more like the journey of can’t you see why I brought you here and them not really understanding what they want and don’t want."Some people have an idea or a vision which they all do, but the reality is things are not always as you imagined."So it’s that kind of compromise of how can I make that vision become a reality?"We’ve had a couple of people that were very very close minded and they didn’t see the potential in anything I showed them at all."Lee said that is the only "tricky bit" of his A Place in the Sun job.The TV presenter spoke to Radio Times when he first got the job and said that he hoped his job on the show would do a lot for people of colour.He said April last year: "It means so much more to me that I get to be part of this show because for me when I was growing up, I’m a person of colour so there was nobody that looked like me on TV."I think Channel 4,