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Justin Theroux ‘couldn’t remember his own name’ and came close to needing brain surgery after horror skateboarding accident


Will Smith reckons he's in the 'worst shape' of his life as he shares photo of his bodyP Diddy has legally changed his name to Sean Love CombsKelly Osbourne reveals she doesn't talk to rarely-seen sister Aimee‘I go “Oh, okay.” Then they make you sign all this paperwork and I’m thinking like, “I gotta call somebody!

There’s no one to call!” So, I sign my life away on these papers, then the doctor finally gets there from Jersey, and he comes in, sort of rumpled hair, and he looks at the CAT scan and he’s like, “This a thing with the scan, it’s not blood on the brain.

Go back to bed.”‘I spent about half an hour waiting just to go to brain surgery, but it was nothing. I had a nice big bald patch in my head.

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