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John Lennon’s Scathing Letter To Paul McCartney After Beatles Split Expected To Sell For $30K At Auction

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An angry letter that John Lennon wrote to Paul McCartney in the wake of the breakup of The Beatles is going up for auction. Auctioned by memorabilia firm Gotta Have Rock and Roll, the bidding starts at $20,000.

According to the auction info, Lennon’s letter was is response to a 1971 interview that McCartney gave to Melody Maker, in which he shared his unvarnished thoughts on Lennon and wife Yoko Ono and the dissolution of The Beatles’ business entities. READ MORE: Paul McCartney Is ‘Back Together’ With John Lennon During Virtual Duet, Joined On Stage By Dave Grohl And Bruce Springsteen While McCartney’s interview was essentially a response to Lennon’s blistering single “How Do You Sleep” from his Imagine album, featuring such McCartney-targeting lyrics as “the only thing you done was yesterday,” “the sound you make is muzak to my ears,” and “those freaks was right when they said you was dead.” Lennon was so incensed when he read the interview that he wrote the three-page, signed letter, addressed to McCartney, and sent it to Melody Maker asking that it be published. READ MORE: Paul McCartney Reveals His Last Conversation With John Lennon And Picks The Best Song He Ever Wrote While Lennon starts off somewhat affectionately — “Dear Paul, Linda et al the wee McCartney’s” — he then launches into a scathing tirade blasting McCartney for pinning the breakup of The Beatles on him. “If you’re not the aggressor (as you claim), who the hell took us to court and s**t all over us in public?

Who was buying up Northern Songs shares behind my back?” Lennon wrote in one notable passage. “Even before [Alan] Klein came in! (No excuse) Who’s the guy threatening to ‘finish’ Ringo and Maureen, who was warning me on the phone two

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