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Inside sex predator Jimmy Savile's filthy and derelict home as urban explorer shares images


the Daily Record reported.The room is a shell of Savile’s once cosy living room, with smashed glass on the floor bin bags, and broken bits of wall on the floor.

Savile’s kitchen appeared to be ransacked, with grime covering the inside of cabinets the floor and the counter tops. Objects such as a can of drink, empty boxes and parts of broken drawers also can be seen in the picture, with more broken glass covering the sink.Scorch marks are also all over the walls in the snaps, with bits of plaster and the side of the bathtub ripped off the bathroom wall.

The property would have made a nice home but it is claimed some of Savile’s alleged abuse took place there.Scotland Yard even searched the property after his death, looking for evidence of.

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