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How Farm Rio's Katia Barros Built Her ‘Authentic, Far-From-Ordinary’ Brand

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on her honeymoon with Ben Affleck.)“It’s not easy to step up and turn a local brand into a global one,” Barros tells Glamour. “It demands high investments.

Little by little, this reality has been changing with the globalization of the fashion market, but it’s a slow process.” But the brand's focus on rich, local culture is what makes it stand out. “The authentic, far-from-ordinary aesthetic is super interesting.

The more local we are, the more global we can be.”Farm RioCourtesy of brandFarm RioFarm RioBarros and Basto work with local Brazilian designers, stylists, and artisans to develop the vibrant colors and magical prints that have come to define Farm Rio's brand.

In addition to these fun, , Farm Rio is leading sustainability efforts in the fashion industry. The brand is transparent when it comes to its carbon usage and offset and is part of the United Nations Global Impact, which aims to make the entire brand sustainable by 2030.

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