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Gym bunny flaunts natural tum and tells women to 'embrace the bloat'

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Instagram, often posts fitness and body positivity advice to her thousands of followers.In a recent post she opened up about bloating, and how it's normal for bodies to change throughout the day.READ MORE:'I feel happier after gaining 2st – dieting made me constantly tired and cold'Liz recently shared side-by-side snaps to show how bodies can change.She wore red gym pants and a matching bra to enable her followers to see her belly - before the workout it looked super lean, and afterwards it looked fuller and bloated.The fitness guru shared the snaps to show people that it's normal for bodies to change, and that women can be "beautiful" even when they experience bloating.She said it's normal for bodies to fluctuate, but said people shouldn't let how they look determine their worth.

Writing on Instagram, Liz said: "IT IS OKAY IF YOU ARE BLOATED AFTER A WORKOUT."I sometimes bloat so much after a workout especially if I do more cardio. "It used to stress me out so much!! "I couldn’t understand why I would have such a good workout then all of a sudden I’ve blown up like a balloon?!

Ahaah."How is it that you can look bigger even though you’ve just exercised?"It doesn’t mean you have suddenly put on weight.

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