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Dog expert's tips on keeping pets safe during car journeys as temperatures soar

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Warm and sunny weather is finally here for may parts of Scotland, with the good spell being joyous news for many people.You might be thinking about taking advantage of the scorching temperatures and take a trip somewhere with the whole family, including any furry friends you may have.Dogs need extra care during warmer weather to ensure that they stay cool, and this includes when they're on a car journey.

It's common knowledge that you should never leave your dog in the car when it's parked on a hot day, but there are ways to make them more comfortable when you're actually on the move too.Even when in the car for a short time, the nation’s dogs could endure in-car temperatures of up to 47C within just 10 minutes – hotter than Furnace Creek, Death Valley – as cars act like a greenhouse and trap the suns heat.

To help keep canines cool, Škoda has collaborated with dog behaviourist and nutritionist Anna Webb, who has 20 years of experience, to share her top tips.

The expert has even helped to create a playlist of calming songs that are ideal for playing while your dog is in the car. She said: "During a time where we will be making the most of the warmer weather, it’s important to remember that we share our homes and our cars with our pets, so we must keep their needs in mind."It can take under an hour for a dog to be pushed to the brink by extreme heat, and that time comes around so much faster when they are in a warm car.

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