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Brandon Blackwood Drops His Skin Care Routine

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busy. After rising to international fame with his best-selling in 2021, the designer has gone on to launch—and sell out of—countless more bags, adding coats and eyewear to his collection ( of shades for her shoot with New York Magazine).

The 31-year-old even debuted earlier this year: a one-of-a-kind ensemble for , who took home the Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series for her role in Not bad for a red-carpet reveal!Despite an increasingly overloaded calendar, the always makes time for self care via skin care.

In fact, Blackwood believes his routine resembles his creative process. “Skin care and design are both about attention to detail, knowing when to do tweaks and upgrades, and figuring out what something needs,” Blackwood tells Glamour.

Another commonality? Hard work and discipline. “You really need to follow through with it,” he continues. “You need to be almost militant about skincare and keep using it to see the results you want.”Blackwood practices what he preaches: Atop his daily regimen, he regularly sees for “small tweaks” and . “I’m really really big on HydraFacials—I get them every three weeks," he says. “Every time I get one, it’s like a whole new face: You see it, but you also feel it, and with a lot of skin care and treatments you get that one-hour afterglow—and then it goes away.

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