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Bourbon, Cheap Gas and TikTok Trailers: Network Marketers Haven’t Given Up on Fall TV As They Promote New Shows

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Michael Schneider Variety Editor at Large The concept of a fall TV season may seem a bit outdated in this streaming age. Yet, broadcasters know that this is their moment in the spotlight.

And the marketers at the major networks hope to embrace autumn as one of the best times to break through the noise and introduce their new and returning series. “Some people may feel that fall is irrelevant, that you just launch shows all year round, and we understand that that’s happening, but we have a different approach,” says CBS chief marketing officer Mike Benson. “We actually have made a statement that we love fall.

We love not only the change of seasons and warm sweaters and the pumpkin spice lattes, but we love all the new shows coming back.” Observes Fox Entertainment marketing president Darren Schillace: “Even the streamers are pushing out some of their big products at this time of year.

People’s attentions get rediverted to television in September out of habit and it still works.” NBC, CBS and Fox all have NFL football to help promote their fall wares, and they’re absolutely doing that. “For example, we aired a promo for ‘Quantum Leap’ during Sunday Night Football that shows the main character, Dr.

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