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Advocates Welcome Declaration of MPV as National Health Emergency

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rationing vaccine supplies, seeking to get as many people as possible vaccinated with the first of two shots while postponing the second shot, in the hopes that the first dose will provide enough protection against the virus for up to six months.

Typically, full immunity from monkeypox doesn’t occur until two weeks after a person has received the second dose of vaccine, which is generally scheduled a month after the initial dose.While anyone can become infected with monkeypox, nearly 99% of all cases in countries where the disease is not endemic have occurred among men who have sex with men.

While not technically considered a sexually transmitted disease, monkeypox, also referred to as MPV,  is spread though close or prolonged skin-to-skin contact, with many patients reporting they became infected through sex.

However, the disease can also be spread through fomites, or objects, such as sheets, bedding, towels or clothes, that can facilitate disease transmission if they have touched monkeypox lesions.The recovery time for MPV is generally 2-4 weeks, until lesions scab over and are replaced with a new layer of skin, and patients are advised to self-isolate while still contagious.

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