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Woke Gen Z is out to destroy entertainment

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horrifying new study from UCLA queried Gen Z kids ages 13 to 18, those overly mature Children of the Corn born between 2004 to 2009, about their viewing habits, and the downer conclusion, pretty much, is: Enjoy anything fun and flighty that’s over 90 seconds long while you still can.

If trends persist, soon our favorite escapist diversions will be rarer than a unicycle on the highway or a New York street corner that doesn’t reek of pot.The youth, you see, wish to replace “Avatar” and “Elvis” with TikTok dances, Little Miss memes and social-justice screeds.

Because the internet and MSNBC don’t give us enough of those already. Z demandz more! The study notes that teens “resoundingly rejected aspirational stories” — meaning enjoyable yarns about frivolous people who are wealthier than they are.

Think classic musical comedies like “Anything Goes” or costume dramas such as “Downton Abbey.” Ya know, enjoyable things.These kooky kids claim to prefer depressing real-life stories chock full of relevant, womp-womp issues.

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