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'Why not just ban fireworks altogether?' Scots react to new law shake-up

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Scots have responded to the news that new firework laws are coming into place next week. As of October 10, anyone who buys fireworks or other pyrotechnics for an under-18 could face £5,000 fine or six-months imprisonment - and in some cases both.

This comes on top of laws introduced last year restricting the times fireworks can be used, when they can be bought, and the quantity.

The measures are set out in the Fireworks and Pyrotechnic Articles (Scotland) Act 2022 passed by the Scottish Parliament on June 29.

Many readers took to the comments section on the article and on social media to share their thoughts on the new law. Many believe that the restrictions do not go far enough with some stating that fireworks should be banned outright, with future displays being put on by local councils. We want to hear your thoughts on the new laws.

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