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Watchmen author Alan Moore 'definitely done' with comics

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Alan Moore is "definitely done" with comics. The 'Watchmen' author will always "love and adore" the medium but has no interest in writing more graphic novels because he isn't interested in the politics of the industry, having famously fallen out with DC Comics, amongst others, over the rights to his creations.

He told The Guardian newspaper: “I’m definitely done with comics. I haven’t written one for getting on for five years. I will always love and adore the comics medium but the comics industry and all of the stuff attached to it just became unbearable. ” Alan is also concerned about the way the superhero genre has overwhelmed comic book culture.

He said: “Hundreds of thousands of adults [are] lining up to see characters and situations that had been created to entertain the 12-year-old boys – and it was always boys – of 50 years ago. "I didn’t really think that superheroes were adult fare.

I think that this was a misunderstanding born of what happened in the 1980s – to which I must put my hand up to a considerable share of the blame, though it was not intentional – when things like 'Watchmen' were first appearing. "There were an awful lot of headlines saying ‘Comics Have Grown Up’.

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