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Uri Geller warns Vladimir Putin he will use mind power to ‘deflect’ and ‘turn back’ any nuclear warheads aimed at Britain

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Uri Geller has issued a warning to Russian president Vladimir Putin, saying he will use ‘every last molecule of my Mind Power’ to prevent him from launching a nuclear attack.The spoon-bender and TV personality waded into international politics on Tuesday with a video he posted to Twitter, highlighting a letter he said he had sent to the Russian powers that be.Published with the caption ‘Read my warning which I sent to the Kremlin’, the 75-year-old stood in front of a screen showing Putin and a nuclear mushroom cloud.Discussing international nuclear powers, the illusionist, who bought a Scottish island where he believes witch bones are buried, shared his worry that Scotland was at risk, due to its naval bases.‘This is serious stuff and I have a warning for you, Putin,’ he added.Geller then approached the camera to loom closely into the lens, continuing: ‘I urge you all to read my warning, all of you, and I’m serious about it.

Very.’To view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider upgrading to a web browser that supports HTML5 video#Putin #Kremlin #Scotland pic.twitter.com/6cTw4gW0hRMoments later, he shared his letter on the social media platform in which he issued a statement in full, threatening to unleash his mind power to prevent the ‘strategic use of a nuclear strike against your ‘enemies in the west’’.Writing that he was also calling on ‘all the wonderful, peace-loving people around the world to join me’, the self-described psychic explained his strategy for ‘harnessing’ everyone’s ‘combined Mind Power’ and how it would ‘deflect and turn back’ nuclear missiles.Addressing people reading his statement, he explained: ‘Just take five seconds out of your day to visualise a radiant, energetic force field – like a.

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