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TikToker Vows To Only Eat McDonald’s For 100 Days To Shed Weight -- And Says It’s ‘Absolutely Working’

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It’s called the McDonald’s diet. We all remember the 2004 Morgan Spurlock-directed documentary, Super Size Me, which followed him consuming only menu items from the fast food chain for an entire month — which, as a surprise to no one, resulted in less than desirable health consequences.

However, one TikTok user is now attempting to shed weight by following the same plan, except upping the ante to 100 days — and he claims to know the secret to making it happen! Kevin Maginnis, known as @bigmaccoaching on TikTok, is sharing his journey to health through pretty much the most unconventional way we could imagine.

The 56-year-old began his quest through the Golden Arches in late February, sharing with followers at the time: Related: Austin Butler Drank ‘Awful’ Microwaved Ice Cream To Gain Weight For Elvis! He continued: However, there’s a catch, which he claims is the key to ensuring his weight loss: He’s got our interest!

And don’t worry, he’s not wasting any food, as he told concerned fans that he saves the uneaten half to eat during his next meal.

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