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These four common make-up mistakes could be making you look older, says expert

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We’re probably all guilty of staying loyal to one single make-up look for longer than we should. For example, if we’ve always pencilled in our brows a certain way, we may continue to do that daily for the rest of our makeup-wearing lives.

While knowing what we like and finding good products are no bad things, we should actually be switching up how we do our make-up as we age, says Karen Betts, permanent make-up artist and founder of K.P Pro.This is to ensure we stay looking as youthful as possible with targeted products and application techniques to suit our age.

Here, Karen talks us through four common mistakes she sees people make with their make-up that add years to their complexions and a few simple swaps you can make to get a glowing, youthful look.

1. Skipping blush If a blusher isn’t a part of your make-up regime, it absolutely should be. By choosing the right shade and formula of blush you can instantly add a flattering flush of colour to a lacklustre complexion.

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