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The unassuming council building that housed Manchester's lost 'tropical' paradise

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Approaching the building, you would never have guessed the exotic oasis that lay inside. Apart from an unusual pyramid-shaped roof, it was to all appearances a fairly unremarkable looking 1980s council building.

But once inside, a tropical indoor playground was revealed that became renowned across Manchester. Gorton Tub made memories that lasted a lifetime and was the place every child wanted to go.

Despite its name making it sound like a Victorian bathhouse, it was far from just any ordinary suburban swimming pool - it was Manchester's own inner-city water park. Read More:Loved and lost Greater Manchester family fun centre had 'everything under one roof' Just like The Water Place in Bolton, Gorton Tub opened to great fanfare in 1988.

Crowds of kids spent many fun-filled hours splashing about in its chlorinated water before heading for a Slush Puppie and a chocolate bar, or if you were lucky, a burger and chips.

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