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The real reason extension cords have holes in them as people praise 'brilliant' idea

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A DIY lover has left people gobsmacked after revealing why extension cords have tiny holes in the back of them. It may seem as though the small key-hole openings don't serve much of a purpose, but they can actually be used to help clear wires off the floor and make the cord easier to access.TikTokker @stusrestohut posted the explanation in a short video entitled "How to fit an extension cable the easy way in less than 60 seconds", which has left many people surprised at the fact they've been doing it wrong all this time.

The Mirror reports that the social media user often posts handy tips and tricks surrounding DIY projects and home improvements, with one of their most popular videos being this extension cord tip.

In the video, the TikToker recommended adding tape to the back of the panel. "Tape it, cut to shape and make the holes," they said.

The DIY fan then removed the tape, before sticking it to the place where they planned to fix the equipment. "Put it where you need it, make sure it's level and drill holes," the instructions explained.Finally, "put in screws and you're done," as the expert recommends.

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