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The making of Sarah Harding - from strumming dad's guitar to chaotic schooldays and the desire that drove her

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At the age most little girls dreamt of becoming nurses or teachers, Sarah Harding already had her sights set firmly on the stage. "I wanted to sing, and I wanted people to hear me sing," she revealed in her autobiography, Hear Me Out. "At family gatherings, when I was little, I gave performances for my parents and anyone else I could get to watch." Born in Ascot to John and Marie in 1981, Sarah grew up in a small house in Wraysbury, near Windsor.

She had a half-brother, Dave, 16 years older than her, from her mother’s previous marriage. Sarah admitted that when they were younger, she didn’t have much in common with Dave, who later joined the Official Monster Raving Loony Party, where he was known as Sir Dangerous.

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