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The life and crimes of 'One Punch Doyle'... the villain who terrorised Manchester for five decades

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Sign up to the MySalford newsletter to keep up with what's happening in and around the city At 5ft 8in tall, Paul Doyle was an unlikely gangster, frequently underestimated by his rivals because of his size. That all changed one night in the early 1970s at Pips nightclub in Manchester - it was THE place to see and be seen, the Hacienda of its time. These were literally dark days, blighted by industrial unrest and strikes by the miners that led to power cuts across the nation. So when they could, people went out to party - and Pips was where they went.

It was a magnet for all kinds of people, including the criminals of our city. Young men like Paul Doyle. When trouble erupted that night, he was at the centre of it.

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