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‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ Star Sophia Grace Brownlee Cuddles Newborn Son in New Video

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Sophia Grace Brownlee is giving fans a look at her newborn son! In a video shared to her YouTube channel Saturday, the “Ellen DeGeneres Show” breakout star showed off the newborn before diving into her birth story, which she says “did not” go to plan. “So, I thought I’d just give you guys a little sneak peek,” Brownlee said while cradling her sleeping son. “He has this really cute outfit on right now.

It’s got some angel wings on the back.” She continued, “I’m not really showing his face yet, because I just don’t feel ready to yet.

But, I thought I’d show you a little sneak peek. He’s luckily fast asleep right now, so, gives me time to film this video. So, he’s currently two weeks and three days at the moment.

He still looks pretty small, obviously, he’s a newborn.” After putting her son back to sleep, Brownlee explained how she welcomed the little one into the world. “My last video, you’ve actually seen on my channel, which was called ‘Weekend Vlog’, I believe, where I just went out for the day and showed you guys what I was doing — I actually went into labour that evening, like middle of the night,” Brownlee revealed. “I just went out that day as normal, as you saw in the vlog.

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