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The Challenge: USA’s Azah and Cinco Wanted to Go Against Alyssa and David in Elimination But ‘Didn’t Feel Comfortable’ Throwing Out Names

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Keeping it cute! Azah Awasum and Melvin “Cinco” Holland Jr. are in good spirits after their elimination from The Challenge: USA during the Wednesday, August 3, episode.The Big Brother 23 alum and Love Islander spoke with Us Weekly the morning after and opened up about the challenge that sent them home.“I wish it was physical,” Azah exclusively tells Us. “I wish the elimination challenge was physical because what I’ve said is I feel like I could have just sat on Cinco’s back, and he would’ve taken care of everything for us.

We would’ve gotten back in that house. Would’ve gotten no blame. Would’ve been great.”Cinco agrees, “Definitely wish it was physical, but at the same time, we did our best for short notice and under pressure.”During deliberation, neither really wanted to throw out names when it came to who they’d be competing against in the arena, though they had some in mind.“We both agreed that we felt we would be a good match with Alyssa [Lopez] and David [Alexander],” Azah tells Us. “But I didn’t feel comfortable saying that name with my alliance.

And I knew that if it left from the deliberation that I had said something, that would give anyone any type of reason to target me if I came back in the house.

So we did feel it was best, amongst other reasons, to not share anything [from] deliberation, and let that blood be on their hands if we end up coming back in.”Leo Temory and Sarah Lacina were eventually thrown in by daily challenge winners Tyson Apostol and Cashay Proudfoot, which came as a surprise to many considering Sarah and Tyson are both Survivor winners and they had yet to turn on their own.“I mean, I heard it was talked about,” Cinco says. “Tyson and Cash came to like, ‘Yo, we’re kinda leaning this way,

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