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Studio71’s Found-Footage Anthology ‘V/H/S’ Update Greenlit By Shudder With Genre Filmmaker Guest Spots

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Shudder, AMC Networks’ streaming service for horror, thrillers and the supernatural, announced today the continuation of Studio71’s found footage anthology franchise, V/H/S, within an all-new installment, V/H/S/85.

The Shudder Original Film will release in North America, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand in 2023 and will feature work from genre filmmakers David Bruckner (Hellraiser, The Night House), Scott Derrickson (The Black Phone, Sinister),Gigi Saul Guerrero (Bingo Hell, Culture Shock), Natasha Kermani (Lucky)and Mike P.

Nelson (Wrong Turn). “Since its inception, the V/H/S franchise has been a showcase for both established and emerging horror filmmakers to terrify audiences with innovative takes on the found footage genre.

Following the success of last year’s hit V/H/S/94 and this year’s upcoming V/H/S/99, we are totally stoked to take Shudder members back to 1985 with a wicked new collection of scares from some of the most radical horror directors working today,” said Shudder General Manager Craig Engler. “The V/H/S series is a continued love letter to found footage nastiness and the mad variety of anthology horror,” said director and producer Bruckner. “Having helmed a segment of the OG film, I’m beyond excited to be back behind the camera in V/H/S/85, alongside some of my very favorite voices in the genre.” The franchise’s first Shudder and Studio71 collaboration, V/H/S/94, was the biggest movie premiere in Shudder history, setting a record for the most viewers during its opening weekend.

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