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Sharon Osbourne backs Kanye, agrees Black Lives Matter is a 'scam'

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Kanye West dubbed the Black Lives Matter movement a "scam." He has a supporter in Sharon Osbourne.The former "The Talk" co-host was asked her take on Kanye's views and his now-infamous White Lives Matter shirt, to which she remained mostly mum.

Admitting she's not totally up to speed on the situation, Sharon is confused by Ye's viewpoints but also equally confused by the backlash surrounding them."I don't understand why white lives don't matter," she told TMZ cameras. "Everybody matters, don't they?"One thing she's lockstep with Kanye on is his feelings pertaining to BLM, as he recently called it a "scam" on social media."We gave $900,000 to [BLM] and I'd like my money back," Sharon said. "I wish he could have said that before."The British personality didn't indicate when she donated to the organization, but most presume it was in 2020 after the George Floyd killing and ensuing uprising.While Kanye claims there are calls for him to be "canceled," Sharon thinks that notion is preposterous — this, of course, coming from someone who was effectively canceled last year over her support of pal Piers Morgan."You can't stop people from living their lives," Sharon said, adding that you can curb support Kanye in a multitude of ways. "Don't go to his social media, don't listen to his music, leave the guy alone.

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