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‘Save their souls’ Laurence Fox risks sparking dividing opinion over church petition

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“She recently informed a black trainee vicar, that ‘as a white woman I can tell you (the trainee) that the Church is institutionally racist’.”Laurence added: “While the black trainee disagreed, it is clear that both the Rt Hon Welby and Dame Mullally are having to live with unimaginable guilt.“We therefore invite them to save their souls by resigning their posts in favour of BAME Anglicans.“Welby and Mullally would be showing the ultimate form of moral leadership, giving up their own careers to resolve what they attest to be a grim historical injustice.”Laurence added it would be “more Christian” than trying to urge white clergy people out of their professions and onto the streets.He demanded that the next Archbishop be democratically elected from a group of BAME candidates.A source close to Laurence told Express Online: “Once Welby et al have resigned, Fox and Reclaim will support democratic elections to be held within the Church to replace them.”The Reclaim Party founder’s petition now has over 3,000 signatures.

A spokesperson for the Church of England told Express Online:“We fully sympathise with concerns over racism within the Church and wider society - the Church has been actively engaged on this issue for some time.“In April 2021, the Archbishops’ Anti-Racism Taskforce issued its report ‘From Lament to Action’, proposing a suite of changes to begin bringing about a change of culture in the life of the Church of England.“This work is now continuing with the Archbishops’ Racial Justice Commission, which is setting out a compelling agenda for change and will report to the Archbishops at regular intervals with recommendations to help the Archbishops fulfil their commitments to identify, respond to, and root out.

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