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Riley Keough Shares 'Awkward' Experience Filming Sex Scene With Husband Ben Smith-Petersen in 'Daisy Jones'

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Riley Keough and her husband, Ben Smith-Petersen, are bringing their love to the big screen.The 33-year-old actress revealed Thursday's episode of  how her husband scored a cameo in Daisy Jones & The Six.“Well, the cameo came about because I have to have intercourse,” Riley said, adding, «With a random person on the show.»Riley said the producers thought “it would be so funny” if they cast her husband — and he agreed.

When Meyers asked if it was easier to shoot the scene with her husband, Riley had a surprising answer. “It was more awkward,” she admitted. “I think that they were thinking it would be less awkward, then we got there and like this is really uncomfortable.

Because, I mean, like, for one, I've never had pretend sex with my husband.«Riley says those scenes are usually “very professional,” but she and Ben were “just giggling the whole time.

It was so weird.»Riley went on to give a spoiler about the scene -- her character isn’t into the hookup. “And I feel like I really kept feeling inclined to be like, ‘In real life, it's not like this,'" Riley said laughing. «And then I was like, 'I'll just, you know, keep that to myself.'»Riley and Ben have been married since 2015 and welcomed their first child in 2022.

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