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Richard Gere, 72, says he has no concerns about being an older father with wife, 39

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The couple both also have children from previous marriages.Richard has an older son, Homer, 22, with actress Carey Lowell, while Alejandra shares son Albert, nine, with her first husband.The actor had been a friend of Alejandra's family for many years before the two reconnected romantically in 2014.Despite the couple’s age gap, Richard still has fans wondering how he ages so well.The Hollywood star has previously given an insight into his daily routine and his outlook on how to live longer.Speaking to Extra, Richard reflected on whether leading a healthy lifestyle with good habits can help people live longer.He said: “My friend’s mom has eaten healthy all her life.“Never ever consumed alcohol or any ‘bad’ food, exercised every day, very limber, very active, took all supplements suggested by her doctor, never went in the sun without sunscreen, and when she did it was for as short a period as possible – so pretty much she protected her health with the utmost that anyone could.“She is now 76 and has skin cancer, bone marrow cancer and extreme osteoporosis.”He went on: “My friend’s father eats bacon on top of bacon, butter on top of butter, fat on top of fat, never and I mean never exercised, was out in the sun burnt to a crisp every summer, he basically took the approach to live life to his fullest and not as others suggest.“He is 81 and the doctors say his health is that of a young person.“People, you cannot hide from your poison.

It’s out there and it will find you. So, in the words of my friend’s still living mother: ‘If I would have known my life would end this way, I would have lived it more to the fullest enjoying everything I was told not to!’”However, Richard likes to practise meditation, which he says has changed.

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