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Quiet Luxury This Fall Is All About Dark Red—Here's How To Style the Look

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this fall? Considering adding to your wardrobe? Try matching your closet to your glass of cabernet.As a journalist, I am always attentive to the trends that arise on both fashion red carpets and social media.

During the in 2020, we embraced minimalism in our fashion, and we followed that with revenge shopping (a burst of purchases and colors) once the world opened back up.Now, we are seeing a real return to the declaration of "social status," expressed through precise style choices (even how you carry your bag can make a difference).This summer, everyone was trying to exude quiet luxury, that is, refined, elegant dressing without excess or color.

At the same time the rich mom aesthetic (from to ), which can be summed up in white denim, has been rampant. Both of these styles revolve around the idea that luxury should not be overtly declared, and the absence of the designer logo is filled with the quality of the garment.One might assume that it is necessary to buy incredibly expensive things to look elegant and rich, but it isn't.

On TikTok, "looking rich" guides are going viral, a series of style lessons to achieve that look but on a reduced budget. The fashion idea is to create outfits using only classic and timeless pieces because these give a certain allure.

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