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Power struggles and commitment issues - how to survive the 7 relationship stages

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All relationships are unique, but most tend to follow a similar pattern. Understanding the different stages, from initial dates and the first holiday to unveiling any unattractive habits in front of each other, can help you deal with the common issues that often arise.

OK! columnist LalalaLetMeExplain, who’s also the author of Block, Delete, Move On: It’s Not You, It’s Them, has advice for some of the typical problems you might face at each of the seven milestones...The early romance stage When you don’t know what your relationship status is: “It’s exciting at the start of a new romance, but trying to figure out how your partner views your relationship can be unsettling.

You can even find yourself a victim of ghosting. Be bold. Once you’re seeing each other regularly, just ask what status your relationship is – it will ensure you’re on the same page. “Still not sure how they feel?

If they’re constantly blowing hot and cold it’s a red flag and you should get out while it’s still early days. If you’re the one who’s not sure about getting involved, write a list of relationship positives and negatives.This should clarify your feelings.” The power struggle stage When you’ve had your first big argument: “Are you fighting to be heard?

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