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Plane passengers only just learning about tray table feature that can save lives

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Every plane seat has its advantages and disadvantages, for example sitting at the front gets you more legroom but also puts you closer to the loos.Meanwhile, sitting at a window gets you a great view, but it can feel a bit cramped.

And then there's the emergency exit seat which, like the front, gives you more leg room so long as you're okay sitting next to a door.This is the aisle that will be used in the unlikely event of a plane being evacuated, and for that reason is a bit different to the others, reports the Mirror.For example, they are unable to recline so that the aisle is always wide enough for people to move through - and now Swiss International Airlines have taken to social media for another little known difference.The airline revealed that one of the features on an emergency seat that you may not have noticed is the way in which the table tray can be unlocked.In the clip you can see a Swiss Air employee opening a normal tray by turning the opening lock both ways.

They try this again with the emergency door lock but it will only turn counter-clockwise.The Swiss plane company explained: "The more you know!

In the emergency exit row, the opening of the tray table is only possible in one direction, compared to all other seat rows."Like this in the unlikely event of an emergency, an unintended opening of the tray table (due to people rushing by) is avoided."The clip has received 4.8 million views as well as over 60,000 likes.

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