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Jonah Hill’s ex Sarah Brady claims she was put on ‘involuntary mental hold’: ‘They dragged me’

ex-girlfriend Sarah Brady has alleged that she underwent hospitalization as well as an “involuntary mental hold” recently.The surfer — who previously said that the “Wolf of Wall Street” actor, 39, was emotionally abusive towards her — shared a series of shocking Instagram Stories on Monday, per Daily Mail. She posted a slew of photos and videos that showed off bruises on her arms, and she claimed doctors from Hawaii’s Queen’s Health System “injected [her] with drugs involuntarily.”She explained that they refused to provide her with water and that being in the hospital was a traumatic experience. “They treated me like a violent animal whilst I remained a human being,” she said on social media.

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Jonah Hill seen looking unrecognizable after ex-girlfriend’s abuse allegations
emotional abuse lodged by his ex-girlfriend Sarah Brady.The pro surfer claimed in a series of explosive Instagram stories last month that Hill would “gaslight” and “manipulate” her into removing photos of herself wearing a swimsuit.She shared a plethora of texts between her and the comedian, where he allegedly used “therapy speak” — a TikTok-fueled phrase used to describe the weapon of manipulation rather than an expression of vulnerability — to “control” and converse with her.Brady also posted a screen recording of a message Hill allegedly sent her, in which he said that some of her photos were inappropriate and he wanted to create “boundaries” in their relationship.In another post of the alleged messages, Brady said that “the fact that [Hill] calls himself a feminist now is laughable.”The athlete also dropped a photo where she rocked a white crop top and matching shorts at the time, captioning it: “Reviving a pic I took down by request of a narcissistic misogynist.”Hill was also accused by “Zoey 101” star Alexa Nikolas on July 8 of sexual assault, shortly after Brady released her own accusations against Hill.Nikolas, 31, alleged that the “You People” actor kissed her without her consent when she was 16 years old and offered her a cigarette while at a party hosted by actor Justin Long.She detailed the incident on X — the social media platform formerly known as Twitter — and also claimed he “slammed me to the door and shoved his tongue down my throat.”“I was so appalled I pushed him off of me and ran inside,” the former child actress wrote.
What did Jonah Hill do? All the accusations explained
Jonah Hill has been at the centre of controversy this week after accusations of being “emotionally abusive” were made by ex-girlfriend Sarah Brady.The actor – who has been open about his own mental health journey and strides with therapy in recent years – dated Brady, a professional surfer, back in 2021.Brady took to her Instagram Stories this week to share a series of allegations about the actor’s treatment of her during their relationship, illustrated in a number of apparent text screenshots.In a follow-up post, Brady wrote that it had been “a year of healing and growth with the help of loved ones and doctors to get back to living my life without guilt, shame and self-judgment”.Many have pointed out that Hill’s alleged behaviour appears to be at odds with his public mental health advocacy – including asking fans to “not comment” on his body image, his decision to stop promoting his films to protect his mental health and releasing his documentary Stutz last year about his therapist Dr. Phil Stutz.Here is everything we know about the accusations against Jonah Hill.According to the alleged screenshots – posted on Brady’s Instagram Story between Friday (July 7) and Saturday (July 8) – Hill attempted to establish a number of “boundaries” he wished to see in their relationship.Brady alleged that Hill told her that if they were to be in a relationship together, she wasn’t allowed to “surf with men,” “model,” “post pictures of yourself in a bathing suit,” “post sexual pictures,” or have “friendships with women who are in unstable places.”The messages continued that if she needed those things, “I am not the right partner for you”.
How ‘therapy speak’ is being weaponized amid Jonah Hill ‘boundaries’ scandal
misusing psychology vocab to “control” his ex this weekend — have faced criticism for the overuse of “therapy speak,” or “psychobabble,” as a tool of manipulation rather than emotional vulnerability.“Therapy speak,” or the use of psychology jargon without understanding its meaning, has gained traction online — with more than 16 billion views on the TikTok tag — amid calls for more people to seek counseling in recent years.Commonly misused buzzwords such as “gaslighting,” “narcissism” and “trauma” — terms learned in a counselor’s office or, more likely, on your TikTok feed — were initially meant to use as helpful tools for decoding emotions and behaviors, but has been used as a weapon instead.“‘Therapy speak’ becomes dangerous when we utilize it for not just needs, but also desires that come out of insecurity,” Ajax Ammons, a New York City content creator and mental health advocate, told The Post.On Saturday, pro surfer Sarah Brady posted screenshots on Instagram of her alleged texts with Hill, 39.The creator of “Stutz,” a documentary about Hill’s therapist, allegedly demanded Brady to take down photos of herself in bikinis and not talk to other men, claiming those are his relationship “boundaries.” Brady, on the other hand, said this was a “misuse” of the word.“The weaponizing of therapy talk is crazy because you’re learning terminology you used in therapy to get someone to stop doing what they love,” popular creator Tefi Pessoa said in a viral TikTok clip Sunday in reaction to Hill’s supposed “boundaries.” The Post has reached out to Brady and Hill for comment.The discourse over the highly-disputed allegations coincides with a larger push for men, who are less likely to seek mental health treatment, to go to therapy, as
'21 Jump Street' Director Reacts to Kanye West Liking Jewish People Again After Watching Jonah Hill in Movie
Kanye West's first Instagram post in 2023 is turning heads, after sharing that watching Jonah Hill's performance in «made me like Jewish people again.» The post caught a lot of people's attention, including the film's director, Christopher Miller.The controversial rapper took to Instagram on Friday night and posted a photo of the film's poster, and it was in the caption where West disclosed that «watching Jonah Hill in  made me like Jewish people again.»West added in the caption, «No one should take anger against one or two individuals and transform that into hatred towards millions of innocent people. No Christian can be labeled antisemite knowing Jesus is Jew. Thank you Jonah Hill I love you.»No word yet on how Hill feels about being roped into West's mea culpa some five months after spewing antisemitic hate speech and praising Nazis and Adolf Hitler while on an alt-right show, as well as writing several posts, in which he declared his plan to go «death con 3 on JEWISH PEOPLE.» But Miller, who alongside Phil Lord made his live action directorial debut with, took to Twitter and reacted to West's post by sharing a screenshot of West's IG post and tweeting, «Um... thanks for watching?»A post shared by Ye (@kanyewest)Um… thanks for watching? his bizarre and troubling rants, brands swiftly moved to distance themselves from West, who lost his billionaire status after Adidas cut ties with him. Balenciaga and fashion magazine  also cut ties with him and he was dropped from Def Jam Records. CAA has also dropped Ye as a client.Subsequently, Foot Locker also removed his popular Yeezy shoes off its shelves, with a Foot Locker Inc.
Seth Rogen JOKINGLY 'no one's made a good high school movie' since his 2007 comedy Superbad
Seth Rogen opened up about his 2007 hit comedy, Superbad, and joked to People that since the film's release, 'No one's made a good high school movie.'The talented comedian, 40, further supported his opinion by explaining that his The Fabelmans co-star, 20-year-old Gabriel LaBelle, gushed that the coming-of-age teen comedy was both his and the actor's friends' 'favorite' movie.The Neighbors star, who recently voiced that Marvel films were 'geared' towards children, added that LaBelle's feelings towards Superbad has, 'never changed for some reason.'Superbad was released back in August 2007, and starred Michael Cera and Jonah Hill in the leading roles of Evan and Seth.The premise of the comedy follows both Evan and Seth, who are high school seniors preparing to graduate. The two pals decide that they want to party and lose their virginity before the big graduation ceremony.  Opening up: Seth Rogen, 40, recently joked to People that he thought, 'No one's made a good high school movie' since his 2007 comedy, Superbad; seen in January in Los Angeles However, their 'plan' faces a few obstacles along the way, including two officers, played by Saturday Night Live alum, Bill Hader, and Seth Rogen himself. Other talented stars that were cast in the film included Emma Stone and Christopher Mintz-Plasse.