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ITV Beat The Chasers' Paul Sinha hits back at backlash over 'unfair' question
Beat The Chasers star Paul Sinha has spoken out after a backlash from fans of the show.The popular ITV quiz show aired on Monday (May 16) night bringing with it controversy for viewers after one 'incorrect' answer they were adamant was actually right.The moment has now been labelled as 'brutal' by Paul who is known to fans as The Sinnerman.He was joined by Shaun 'The Dark Destroyer' Wallace, Darragh 'The Menace' Ennis, Jenny 'The Vixen' Ryan and Mark 'The Beast' Labbett for the show as well as Australian The Chase star Issa Schultz, aka The Supernerd who stepped up to fill in for Anne Hegerty when she caught Covid prior to filming.During the episode, viewers saw contestant Steven battle it out against three of the chasers to win himself a not too shabby £25,000 in just 42 seconds.However, fans weren't happy when host Bradley Walsh asked: "What Patrick Swayze film became a West End musical?"Paul quickly answered: "Dirty Dancing."But Bradley, 61, told him his answer was in fact wrong and the correct response would have been Ghost.Confused viewers then took to Twitter to admit their disappointment at the answer being deemed wrong.One wrote: "Dirty Dancing is definitely a musical though? #BeatTheChasers." @Josneat said: "Glad he won but the Patrick Swayze question was really unfair as I’ve seen dirty dancing in the theatre. #BeatTheChasers."Another added: "Bit of a naughty question...
Anne Hegerty’s Beat The Chasers replacement warns he’s ‘overtaking’ her
Beat The Chasers star Anne Hegerty was forced to step down from the new ITV quiz series after she was unable to attend filming - but her replacement is adamant that he’s more than a match for The Governess.Anne, 63, caught Covid when filming for the new series was taking place, meaning that she will not appear as a Chaser on the show, which is a spin-off of popular quiz show The Chase, for the first time since it began.Australian quizmaster Issa Schultz, nicknamed The Supernerd, who already stars as a chaser on Australia’s version of The Chase, has stepped in to be her replacement for the new series.The 38-year-old issued a warning to Anne as he discussed stepping into The Governess’ “chilly” shoes on Beat The Chasers.Chatting about how the Chasers compete in quiz competitions around the world when they aren’t filming episodes, Issa revealed that he wants to be world number one when it comes to quizzing. “Paul [Sinha] is good and I’m pretty sure most of the time is better than I am,” Issa told The Sun’s TV Mag of the tough competitions.He added: “Anne, I’ve started to overtake in the world rankings.”But despite the competitiveness between the pair, Issa shared that Anne had sent him heartwarming words of support ahead of his appearance on Beat The Chasers.“Anne was so supportive,” Issa recalled.
Anne Hegerty slams quiz show as 'too much work' amid Beat the Chasers replacement
The Chase star Anne Hegerty couldn't resist swiping at one quiz show that is simply "too much work" as she sits out this series of Beat the Chasers.Anne - AKA The Governess - contracted Covid-19 at the time of filming, and so has been replaced this series by Australian quiz champ and star of the Aussie version of the show Issa Schultz.Confirming the news back in March, Anne told her fans: "Unfortunately I’ve contracted COVID-19 so won’t be filming this series of #BeatTheChasers."The fantastic @Issa25 will be stepping in for me and I’m looking forward to watching the series when it’s on air later this year."Issa is better known by his Chase alter ego The Supernerd.But now Anne revealed the one quiz show she's unlikely to do again in an exclusive chat to Daily Star.Appearing at the MEN Pride of Manchester awards on Tuesday (May 10), Anne explained: "I always wanted to go on University Challenge: The Professionals back when I was a proofreader."The Society for Editors and Proofreaders used to keep trying to put in a team, and I think the BBC kept going, 'What, is that even a professional thing? We’ve never heard of that!'"So I always wanted to get on University Challenge: The Professionals," she explained.But Anne quickly added: "Would I like to do Mastermind again? I’ve done it twice and been a bit rubbish both times - nah, it’s too much work!"Speaking about the ideal celebrity she'd love to face off with on The Chase, Anne told us: "I think we’ve always said it would be brilliant to have Stephen Fry on."Of course, I always would have loved to have [the late] John Sessions on - of course that’s a missed opportunity now.
Anne Hegerty reveals she was replaced night before Beat The Chasers filmed
Anne Hegerty has revealed her Beat The Chasers replacement flew over the night before filming after she tested positive for Covid.The Chase star took to the BAFTAs red carpet and spoke exclusively to Daily Star about why her Australian colleague, Issa Schultz, had accompanied her.The 63-year-old said: "The reason why he’s here is because Beat The Chasers starts a week tomorrow, May 16, and the week before we were filming I tested positive."She explained that Issa, who's been doing The Chase Australia since 2015, was born in Cornwall which means he doesn't need a visa to get into England.Anne quipped: "They rung him at midnight and said ‘you’re on the plane in the morning’."So I’m missing from the next one and Issa will be in."Issa, 38, confessed that he feels incredibly lucky to be a part of the show in both countries and revealed that Anne was more than happy to let him take her place.The television quiz personality said: "We do Beat The Chasers in Australia as well so I fell very lucky to do both versions, thanks to someone getting Covid."But she's such a wonderful woman and was so happy to step aside." The Governess admitted that she wants to make sure her Aussie colleague is well looked after as she chimed: "I kept messaging the producer saying ‘make sure his hotel is booked from the night before so he can get some sleep'."During the exclusive chat, Anne made the surprising revelation that she doesn't take part in pub quizzes because "top quizzers" are sometimes not that great at quizzes.She admitted: "We do league quizzes as part of a team anyway."By and large I don’t, partially because, actually, a lot of top quizzers are not that good at quizzes."The I'm A Celeb star added: "You know, we have things like picture