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Parents say kids were 'close to being killed' when Oldham cyclist crashed into crowd at Commonwealth Games

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Parents have spoken out after they claim kids were 'close to being killed' when Oldham cyclist Matt Walls crashed into the crowd at the Commonwealth Games.

The incident, which happened at the Lee Calley VeloPark on Sunday, saw Mr Walls go over the railings and into the crowd. While he miraculously avoided any major injuries and was discharged from hospital with only a few bruises, the incident still saw the rest of the morning session get cancelled.

Two spectators, including a young girl, received treatment for their injuries in the velodrome while two other riders, Matt Bostock and Derek Gee, were taken to hospital after several riders crashed during the qualifying for men's scratch race. Read more: Woman, 53, charged with attempted murder of man, 20, at railway station Laura and Hugh Colvin, whose children were sitting where Mr Walls catapulted into the stands, told the BBC : "I think what's been quite hard for us to get our head around is being able to see from the photographs that were taken of the incident exactly how close this came to be a complete catastrophe and how close our two younger children came to being seriously injured or killed.

Hugh added: "You can see the trajectory of how the bike came through grazed my daughter's shoulder and there's one other photo you can see where obviously we're underneath the wheel and I was facing the other because I turned my head but it must have been centimetre, millimeters of our heads and close enough to graze my daughter." Laura added: "If we had known for a moment that there was a risk that a bike with an adult male going at that speed could come into contact with my seven-year-old daughter my family would never have been there." Dame Laura Kenny has called for more

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