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Orphaned autistic man threatened with blade by cruel bullies 'adopted' by Scots pensioner

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plunged into depression after losing his dad at just 17 to lung cancer before his mum passed away from heart failure when he was 18, leaving him parentless.

Then, shortly before the UK went into a nationwide lockdown last year, while he was living alone in Melton Mowbray, England, the 23-year-old was subject to a horrific knife attack by local thugs left him too afraid to leave his home.The gang of around six men had also previously hurtled stones at him.With no one to turn to, helpless Ben barricaded himself inside his flat, even ordering takeaways so that he didn't have to venture out to shops.In a desperate bid to connect with people, he turned to strangers online - which is where he met Shelagh Low, a 68-year-old retired Scots social.

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