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Michael Mosley's 'game-changing' weight loss tips that don't mention dieting

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Micheal Mosley has shared more weight loss advice and this time it has nothing to do with dieting. The diet guru, who is credited with creating the Fast 800 and the 5:2 Diet, offers countless tips and advice for shedding pounds quickly.

This time, he has shared a number of non-diet tips that can aid you in your weight loss journey. Posting to the Fast 800 official Instagram, Mosley captioned a series of images: "Along with diet, did you know there are lots of other things you can do to help support your weight loss?⁠".The health expert's latest advice focuses on improving other areas of lifestyle that aren't related to eating.

These range improving sleep, mental health and movement. Followers of Mosley praised the "great tips" with some even calling them a "game-changer".

Here's what you should know to improve your weight loss.According to Mosley, sleep plays a crucial role in weight loss as failure to get enough shut eye can make us weaker to our cravings.He explained: "Not getting enough sleep plays a huge role in how the reward centre of your brain functions, meaning it's more difficult to resist unhealthy food."With this clouded judgement, you are more likely to reach for something sugary for a quick energy boost.

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