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Michael Mosley: 'Eat properly' and still lose weight with diet method that burns fat fast

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Dr Michael Mosley has been hailed for his weight loss techniques for years, having created the 5:2 programme, which sees people eat healthily for five days a week and then only eating 800 calories on the two remaining days.

It's a method that's been found to be "more effective" for shedding weight, but he warns people it does come with some rules.

Speaking while doing an appearance on Studio 10 in 2019, Dr Mosley discussed why this diet method is better than other slower techniques. "The scientists have been telling me for some time now that you can be better off doing rapid weight loss diet and that is doing 800 calories a day," he said.

He referenced two big UK studies that examined this with groups of more than 300 people. One group was allocated a rapid weight loss diet and the other on a normal slower paced one. READ MORE: Diet: Expert warns against common mistake"It was those that did the rapid weight loss that lost the most weight - 10kg sustained over two years. "The other lot didn't lose much weight and they put it on again," he explained. "So it turns what you believe on its head. "There's another big study out of Oxford that says that and an even bigger study coming out of Australia that will say that. "DON'T MISS. . . Diet: 5 myths of Military Diet that could have adverse effects [LATEST]Dr Michael Mosley shares 3 alternatives to help cut down on carbs [ADVICE]Fitness: Best way to warm-up for strength training [HEALTH NEWS]Dr Mosley went on to claim it has been "undoubtedly" proven to work but noted: "You have to eat properly.

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