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Mel B cringes with embarrassment after going commando on The One Show 'Oh my god!'

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The One Show.However, Girls on Top actress Ruby wasn't about to let her comment go, hitting back with her own experience of hanging with Mel in the USA's Rocky Mountains."I have footage of her being normal!

At midnight [she said] 'C'mon, let's go swimming in the stream,'" she hit back."I said, 'Mel, it's not a stream, it's a railroad track.' That's how far gone she was!" Ruby added.Mel then rose to her feet and pretended she was storming out of the studio in a huff.Yet as she stood up and turned her back to Ruby, the actress jokingly stroked her bottom, quipping: "There's no underpants here!""I don't wear underpants!" Mel retorted, before cringing in embarrassment, as the other girls yelled: "She's got no knickers on!"The eventful filming stint, which saw Mel adamant that she never wanted to ride a horse again, was on the theme of an 1874 travel book, A Lady's Life in the Rocky Mountains, by Isabella Bird.The pioneering explorer travelled 800 miles across the Rockies, encountering bandits and grizzly bears, before later falling ill during a trip to Morocco, where she died.Mel and the two other leading ladies had resolved to follow in her early footsteps as explorers, although Ruby teasingly quipped that her co-star "hadn't even read the book" before setting off on their journey.Although the pair stayed in some luxurious hotels, they also got back to basics and indulged in the simple life, with Emily proudly bragging that she'd even caught a fish.The sometimes gruelling lifestyle might not have been what the world would expect from a trio of glamorous celebrities, but they demonstrated that they were game for trying it out.Emily had written a teaser caption on Instagram just before the pair set off, announcing: "Next.

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