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Measles outbreak: The five 'serious' symptoms for parents to look out for

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Parents are asked to keep an eye out for possible measles symptoms as cases are on the rise around the world. There has been a global spike in measles which appears to coincide with a drop in childhood vaccination to just 85.5 per cent in the UK.

An experienced GP has warned parents that the UK could begin to lose "herd immunity" due to the drop in vaccination.Dr Stuart Sanders of The London General Practice says that the recent fall in uptake has been caused by the rise of vaccine scepticism, which has been accelerated by the coronavirus pandemic.The Mirror reports that the UK could see a modern outbreak of the condition if cases continue to rise.

Speaking to the Express, the doctor explained: "This is caused by the fall in the uptake of measles vaccination which started in the 1970s due to the spread of misinformation about the vaccine. "Vaccination uptake further fell as a consequence of a fraudulent paper written by Professor Andrew Wakefield, published in the prestigious medical journal, The Lancet; the article was subsequently withdrawn but it caused immense damage to confidence in measles vaccination.""the level of vaccination uptake fell below the critical level required to provide herd immunity; in some countries, it has remained at a suboptimal level."I have been a doctor long enough to remember pre-vaccination measles being an illness which in some cases led to prolonged ill health, with a number of children sadly dying." The World Health Organisation have also expressed concern about falling MMR vaccination rates, saying: "this year, in the first few months, there have been 17,000 cases of measles globally, whereas in the first two months of the previous years, it’s usually been lower – 10,000 or less. "So

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