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Martin Luther King III: My Father Is “Spinning In His Grave” Over Voting Rights Attacks — SXSW

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Martin Luther King Jr. would be stunned by the rollback of voting rights in this country and efforts to suppress the teaching of the struggle for civil rights, according to his eldest son, Martin Luther King III. “People ask me, what do you think your father is doing?

He’s not just turning over — he’s spinning in his grave,” MLK III told Deadline in a conversation at the SXSW Conference and Festivals.

He imagines his late father thinking, “’What the heck is going on? Me, my team, we opened doors that should never be closed.’ And yet we’re going, it feels backwards — at least temporarily.

Which is interesting because he prophetically wrote in his last book, Where Do We Go Here: Chaos or Community?, obviously he wanted us to revert to community, but we are seeing chaos constantly.

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