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Lizzo tells fans they’re doing the viral ‘About Damn Time’ TikTok dance wrong

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Lizzo has told fans they’re doing the viral ‘About Damn Time’ TikTok dance wrong in a new post on social media.The rapper took to TikTok on Wednesday (May 11) to tell fans that if they’re going to do the viral TikTok dance trend set to her most recent single, they must go all out to the track – before demonstrating what she meant.“I’m tired of seeing it,” Lizzo began in the tongue-in-cheek video, jokingly sounding angered. “OK?,” she continued.Lizzo went on to demonstrate the first move — clapping her hands three times to the words ‘About Damn Time’ – and said it should be done powerfully. “It’s – About!

Damn! Time!” she said, before showing the incorrect way next to her “correct” way.The rapper then slowed down the rest of the choreography. “Some of y’all be going, ‘Pump me up.’” she continues. “No bitches,” she went on. “It’s: ‘Pump.

Me. Up!’” before exaggerated the dance moves.Watch the moment here:I would’ve given my left coochie lip to be at the spring awakening reunion show.

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