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Kimberley Walsh's kids joke she has a 'big bum'

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Kimberley Walsh's sons tell her she has a "big bum". The Girls Aloud star has three young songs with husband Justin Scott, and she has revealed her boys often cheekily poke fun at her derriere.

Asked if she has any body hang-ups, she told new! magazine: "My sons joke about me having a big bum. "It's in a fun way and they know I'm fine with it. "I do notice that when I'm on holiday I do panic because I've got to bare my body, but I look around me and nobody cares. "We're there to have fun and make memories, so just get on with it. " The 40-year-old star hasn't had any cosmetic procedures, and admits she's "scared" to have Botox, because she wouldn't want her facial expressions to change.

She said: "I've still not had anything done. "I feel like I need a bit of help now, but I'm really scared. "I've got such an expressional face, every time I think, 'Oh, I do need a bit of Botox,' I never end up booking because I don't want it to change my facial expressions. " She then quipped: "I want my kids to know when I'm mad!" Kimberley - who has just launched her fashion collection Styled For You with Dorothy Perkins - admits that she often feels "inadequate" when she's pictures of other working mums who appear to be on top of everything and still manage to look "immaculate".

She said: "I look at people on social media and sometimes feel inadequate. " Asked why that is, she explained: "I'm a mum of three, juggling work and school, and I do find it hard. "I don't have a nanny or housekeepers, so I always feel I'm just a breath away from really messing up. "So, for me, it's when I see those working mums who appear to have everything covered, and still leave the house looking immaculate for 24 hours every day, or there getting up at.

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