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Kelsey Grammer ‘won’t apologize’ for faith: ‘Jesus made a difference in my life’

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told USA Today.“Sometimes rejecting faith, sometimes rejecting God even, in a period of being pretty angry about it. Like, ‘Where were you?’ That kind of thing.

But I have come to terms with it and have found great peace in my faith and in Jesus.”“It’s not cavalier. Jesus made a difference in my life.

That’s not anything I’ll apologize for,” he added.Grammer’s latest film depicts the true story of a youth minister whose meeting with pastor Chuck Smith (Grammer) helps the minister spread the Christian movement across the US in the 1960s and 1970s.“It’s really uplifting.

It’s a good movie,” Grammer said of the film. “My wife and I saw it together. She was just dissolved in tears and said, ‘It’s the best thing you’ve ever done.'”Grammer echoed a similar sentiment to that of Mark Wahlberg, who last week noted faith is “not popular” in Hollywood.Speaking on the “Today” show with an ash smudge on his forehead for Ash Wednesday, Wahlberg, 51, said religion helped him stay disciplined in his film career.“[Faith] is everything, it’s afforded me so many things,” the “Father Stu” star, said, adding that exercising his religion publicly is “a balance” because he doesn’t “want to jam it down anybody’s throat.”“It’s not popular in my industry, but, you know, I cannot deny my faith.

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