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Keir Starmer demands action by social media giants to curb spiralling school violence

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Keir Starmer has demanded social media giants stop “sitting on their hands” and clamp down on sickening school violence videos.The Labour leader urged the firms to take “responsibility” and said he is ready to take action if he enters Downing Street.Starmer also said he would be a Prime Minister for Scotland if he kicks out the Tories next year.The Daily’s Record groundbreaking “Our Kids…Our Future” campaign has called for tough action to curb the epidemic of youth violence.A central demand is that companies like Facebook and TikTok clamp down on harmful, viral content like violent videos.In an interview with the Record, we asked Starmer if the social media giants should be doing more:“Yes, I do.

I think if you run a platform, you bear responsibility for what's on that platform, and they've got to take more responsibility.”He said the obvious vehicle for change is the Online Safety Bill going through Westminster.“There's the opportunity now for votes to be had on platform providers taking more responsibility for what's happening on their platform.“What we've had for too long is platform providers just sitting on their hands saying 'we just provide the platform, we have no real responsibility for the content'.

That's got to change.”We also asked if he would act if he was Prime Minister: “If necessary. I hope that progress can be made before then.

Obviously an incoming Labour Government will look at it.“I spent a lot of my life dealing with criminal justice issues and prosecuting to reduce the impact of crime on victims.“So I'll have this uppermost in mind, but I don't want to sit it out for 18 months.

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