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ITV Emmerdale fans spot flaw in Matty's plan to frame Suzy as Leyla's struggle continues

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Leyla Cavanagh 's struggle with cocaine appears to be edging closer and closer to devastating consequences. After agreeing to stash dealer Callum's drugs in her office, Leyla was horrified to find out they were stolen.

Previously, viewers had seen vengeful Matty Barton sneak into the office and take the bag after seeing Leyla's party friend Suzy chatting with Callum.

Fans had learned recently that Suzy was responsible for lending his sister Holly the money for the drugs that led to her overdose.

Gunning for revenge, Matty decides to hide the drugs in Suzy's car and call the police. But viewers spotted a flaw in the plan as he used a crowbar to prize open the boot and stuff the bag beneath a blanket. Read more:ITV Emmerdale fans fear for Leyla as they 'work out' death twist @perfectmanda observed: "Haha OK matty number one you are right by the shop so cctv and also you've left your finger prints on the boot you moron.

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