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Is Randy Johnson's dead bird the most morbid photography logo ever?

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• Take a look at some other unexpected famous photographers: 30 celebrities who also take picturesIn case you didn't already know, we reported last year that Major League Baseball (MLB) legend Randy Johnson in fact has a double life as photographer.

Following his retirement from professional baseball pitching, Johnson says he always had a passion for photography, and now has a very different career as a wildlife, travel, and concert photographer – with his own studio too.

In more recent news, however, it seems social media has latched on to the humor in Johnson's photography logo in what any MLB fans would instantly recognize as a direct reference to one of his earlier (and most famous) pitches in March 2001 which unexpectedly resulted in the death of a white dove bird.

The video below shows the incident taking place, as well as depicted in slow motion, and you can see the puff of feathers as the poor dove is decimated by a 100-mile-an-hour speedball pitched by Johnson at an unexpectedly coincidental time.

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