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Households can slash bills 'by two thirds' with simple tumble dryer hack

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An easy tumble dryer hack might be able to save households two thirds on their energy bills. Last month energy bills rose with an average household now paying £2,500 - up from £1,971.

Bills are set to rise again in April of next year, which will leave households paying £3,000 on average. A member of the Reduce your Supermarket Spends Facebook group has shared that cutting costs doesn't have to be tricky.

They say that you can save as much as two thirds by simply cutting down washing and drying times. As reported by the Sun, The group member wrote: "Once you have done your wash in the washing machine - I use the quick wash - put the dial to spin and drain.

It takes around 12 minutes and leaves your clothes almost dry. "And because they're almost dry, it can cut the drying time down in your tumble dryer afterwards by two thirds, saving you electricity and money." The consumer experts at Which?

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