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Georgia Kousoulou's miscarriage heartbreak as star 'didn't get out of bed for 3 days'

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Georgia and Tommy: Baby Steps was a hard watch on Thursday as stars Georgia Kousoulou and her partner Tommy Mallet opened up finding out the TOWIE star had suffered a miscarried.The episode saw the pair learn they had sadly lost their baby after attending their 12-week scan.

Filming resumed three days later and as the pair sat in their home to open up about what happened, Georgia said she had not got out of bed for three days.Tommy, 30, told the camera: "Unfortunately we didn't get the results that we were staying positive for and Georgia has had a miscarriage. "Nothing in the world can prepare you for that," he added.

Georgia, 31, then told Tommy: "I think today I have been more positive about everything, because I haven't really been able to get out of bed for three days." She then opened up about the moment she learned the baby would not make it, explaining: "As soon as he scanned me I knew something was wrong. "I just knew it, I could tell by everyone's faces, I could tell by the silence and at that point everything just stopped." Later in the episode, Georgia opened again up as she said to camera: "When someone says to you the baby isn't going to make it, regardless of what stage you are at that's your baby, it's like 'what do you mean?

I don't get it...That's my baby'." Visibly upset, Georgia continued: "I feel like someone has taken my baby away from me and now what am I left with?

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