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Every ‘Survivor’ Contestant That Was Medically Evacuated From the Game and the Injuries that Took Them Out

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Pushing themselves too far. Since Survivor premiered in 2000, there have been several players who had to exit the game due to a medical evacuation — and some of them have been downright scary.Michael Skupin was the first contestant to be pulled from the game during Survivor: The Australian Outback back in 2001.

On day 17, the software publisher fell into the campfire, which left him with severe burns on his hands. He had to be airlifted out of the game to get his wounds treated.In 2007, the CBS reality series endured its first season with multiple medevacs.

During Survivor: Micronesia, Jonathan Penner sustained a puncture wound on his knee while competing in a reward challenge.

While he appeared fine at first, the team of onsite doctors discovered the injury had become infected several days later. The writer, who did not want to leave, ended up being pulled from the game on day 15.Nearly two weeks later, James Clement exited the game on day 31 after being examined by the medical team after a cut got infected.

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